Yujie Wei
Director,The State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics, Institute of Mechanics ,CAS
Head, Department of Modern Mechanics, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
No.15 Beisihuan West Road, Beijing, China 100190
Tel: (86)-10-82543879
2010.01--now Professor, Institute of Mechanics ,CAS
2009.01--2009.12 Assistant Prof., Mech. Engng, Univ. of Alabama
2006.03--2008.12 Postdoc, Engineering Division, Brown University
(With Prof. Huajian Gao and Prof. Allan Bower)
2001.07--2006.06 Research Assistant, Mech. Engng, MIT
(With Prof. Lallit Anand)
2001.09--2002.06 Teaching Assistant, Mech. Engng, MIT
(With Prof. Lallit Anand)
2000.08--2001.08 Research Scientist, Inst. of Mech. CAS
(with Prof. Yilong Bai)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. Mech. Engng 2006
Chinese Academy of Sciences M.S. Mechanics 2000
Peking University, China B.S. Mechanics 1997
Honors and Awards  
Presidential Fellowship (MIT) 2002
Hundred-Talent Program (CAS) 2012-2014
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars 2014



Current Members

Associate Professor

    Chengqi Sun


Research Associate

    Xianqi Lei


    Xianjia Chen


    Zhiwei Ma


    Jici Wen


Graduate Students

    Yao Wang (Ph.D. Student)

    Shenyou Peng (Ph.D. Student)

    Chuangchuang Duan (Ph.D. Student)

    Zhenghua Chang (Ph.D. Student)

    Qingyuan Song (Ph.D. Student)

    Wenhui Xie (Master Student)

    Guangtao Xu (Master Student)

    Zhuoer Liu (Master Student)

    Guanqun Wei (Master Student)

    Lichao Yuan (Master Student)


    Jiangtao Wu (M.S., Summer 2013; Now Ph.D. Student at Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Hanqing Yin (M.S., Summer 2014; Now Ph.D. Student at Peking University)

    Yao Liu (Ph.D.,Summer 2015; Now at University of Science and Technology Beijing)

    Baolin Wang (M.S., Summer 2015; Now Ph.D. Student at Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Xiaguang Zeng (Postdoc,Summer 2017; Now at FoShan University)

    Lianchun Zhu (Ph.D.,Summer 2017; Now at Housing and construction bureau of Shenzhen)

    Shangyu Liu (M.S., Summer 2017; Now at CASICloud)

    Zhenqian Pang (Postdoc,Summer 2018; Now at The University of Maryland)

    Rubing Guo (Ph.D.,Winter 2018;)

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